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Thank you for entering our first ever “Canada My Home” homefront and/or business storefront decorating contest.  The decorating theme is in celebration of Canada and our Nation’s heritage. Our panel of judges will consider design, decorations including animated unique and unusual items. Most importantly be creative, festive and have fun!  Prizes for “Canada My Home” have been graciously donated by the Fergus Elora Rotary Club.

  • I  agree that there will be no compensation for any kind of media postings or publications where photos may be used.
  • I agree that one or more photos of my residence exterior will be posted on the Township’s social media channels, website and/or local media outlets.
  • I  agree that my street location may be published in a self-guided Map for Canada Day enthusiasts and photos can be used by the Township on their social media channels and/or website.
  • All decisions made by the judges are final.
  • For questions or more information, please call (519) 820-3493

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